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Made in China

CECEC's product development network includes a selected number of large and small manufacturers in China to support European buyers.

The advantages for EU companies to cooperate with CECEC:

The CECEC Rotterdam office is in charge of communication and is responsible for quality, delivery and payment controls.

Fabricated Steel

Fabricated steel and Aluminium products are produced and made according to the requirements of the buyer's specifications on material, standards and quantity.

CECEC has a network of selected manufacturers in China that are able to supply European companies with fabricated steel components and accessories according to buyer's designs and with European production standards.

The two basic materials, steel and aluminium are used to produce all types of designed accessories, components and parts to a high quality and with different type of fine surface treatments to complete the end product.

Building construction components

Greenhouse structure

Ship building

Machinery accessories

Automobile accessories

All types of steel accessories

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Steel Material

China has developed into a large steel producing country during the last 20 years by adopting and utilizing modern technology acquired from Western countries and developed to international standards.

The different steel products have received various quality certifications from international classification societies such as the China Classification Society (CCS), British Lloyd's Register (LR), Norwegian Det Norske Veritas (DNV), the United States ABS, and German Germanischer Lloyd (GL), among other relevant professional bodies.

Ship building plate

Including common strength grades of A, B, D, E and high strength grades of 32 and 36 kilograms and various grades used in warship hulls.

Electric steel

Non-oriented electric steel that is widely used in compressor, EI core and electric machinery industries.

Construction Steel

More steel materials

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Fabricated aluminium

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Consumer Goods