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Company: About CECEC

China has become one of the world's fastest growing economies since the initiation of economic reforms in 1978. Moreover, China's WTO membership is creating substantial new opportunities for European companies to enter the Chinese market and meet its vast demands.

However, the enormity and diversity of the Chinese market requires specific knowledge and skills. Whether it concerns development, establishing new business activities, manufacturing and trade or relocation of production to China, all need knowledgeable people who have the correct technical expertise, Chinese language skills, cultural understanding and established, relevant networks.

CECEC (China Europe Centre for Economic Cooperation BV) is a private limited company with its corporate seat in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and representative offices in China since 1993. From 1993 to 2003, CECEC has concentrated mainly on the promotion and development of a two-way economic cooperation between China and Europe. On the one hand, CECEC supports Dutch companies entering the Chinese market (e.g.: Chinese market data collection for Ahold N.V.; production joint venture with Chinese industry for Hoogovens Corporate Services B.V.; products market development for NU Nederland Productie and FIGEE from the Inter Rijsdijk Group) and on the other hand, CECEC also supports the Chinese exporters by successfully managing the annual CHINA FAIR and the Chinese trade delegations coming to Europe for both import and export activities.

Since 2004, thanks to the support of large Chinese industries and companies resulting from our existing business activities, CECEC has been able to concentrate more fully on trade (import and export) and trade support activities. With no language or cultural problems and with open, easy and clear communication channels, CECEC Rotterdam offers customers a fast-track handling that will produce positive economic results and minimize risk. CECEC offers European companies the resources to produce goods in China according to buyers' specification with high efficiency in terms of results, quality, payments and delivery.

Contact us with questions, new ideas, possibilities and business. CECEC can provide you with direct trade possibilities for industrial and consumer goods, CECEC can also provide trade support services and join you on the development of your activities in China.